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anna parker's first blog post

Hello world! This is my first blog post.

Being an entrepreneur is tough! So don't go it alone.

A snippet of background.

While I am a member of the BANKCODE management team, I also am a certified, licensed trainer and I too deliver B.A.N.K. training as a contributing partner of COMM4RESULTS. Dwayne Richards, also from the B.A.N.K. community, is the managing partner of our consultancy.

What's in it for you to follow my blog?

I will be sharing resources, insights, and my adventures in entrepreneur-land as I muddle through the challenges of generating interest in my offerings. I'm going to struggle and make odd choices, and share several laughs and endearing moments with you along the way.

Please check out my LinkedIn profile at so you can see my full background and street cred. As much as I like to deliver my messages in a tone that is full of mischief and whimsy, I actually do have many valuable nuggets to share.

Method to my madness.


Notice the title of this post is in lower case? I will continue to use lower case for my posts that don't contain specific resources or insights. Didja catch the irony? My blog: I get to have a running commentary if I want to. I will tag them all as #comm4fun. As this blog evolves, I will build categories and get smart about formatting and tagging as patterns reveal themselves.


No idea. But the plan is to post often enough for some SEO impact and to engage with my personal network, the Technical Communication community, and in the BANKCODE community, and beyond. And also, This is fun! I'm a writer at heart. 'Bout time I started writing.

Upcoming COMM4RESULTS events?


I am hosting an INTRO TO B.A.N.K. session on Saturday AM at the Nestle building at Yonge and Sheppard in Toronto. It will go from 10AM to 12NOON. Then in the afternoon, from 1PM to 5PM, I will be delivering a B.A.N.K. FUNDAMENTALS course. So far two people are coming. (No, one of them isn't my Dad.) I haven't had a chance to promote it properly. But hey, Harv Ecker and Robert Kiyosaki started with just one person in their courses. Look them up; they're doing pretty well now. I'm looking forward to a similar path.


COMM4RESULTS has a booth and I'm a registered coach in Coaches Corner. Unfortunatley my bio and write-up isn't posted yet becuase I was very slow at submitting my information. I will post another blog that addresses this later today. Do register for this awesome event though. Here's a|link for a free registration and another to our FB page with all sorts of details: Free Registration | Details

Final words of wisdom for today.

From one entrepreneur to another... Find your center. Remember your why. Breathe. Stay on target. You're not alone. And if you're tired, reach out to one person today who loves and admires you for your "stick-to-it-iveness." They will fuel the flame.



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