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Happiness Ambassador at ASH Group​

From the moment Anna finished her 90-minute B.A.N.K. presentation I recently attended, the Happiness Ambassador side of me was hooked! Her knowledge of B.A.N.K., her instant rapport with the audience and the ease with which she wove stories together with fact were exceptional. A week later I found myself in a class with several other people attending the Intro to B.A.N.K. training, and the Corporate Trainer in me was hooked.


I’m excited to say that I have made a commitment to become certified in B.A.N.K. and spread the word because the world needs what B.A.N.K. does. And to be coached and mentored by Anna Parker is the icing on the cake. I proudly endorse B.A.N.K. because I know, and research has proven, that this communication system produces RESULTS in better communication and therefore increased sales!


Humanist Nerd, The Transformation Society Management Consulting

Anna has twice taken the lead for the STC Leadership programme at our annual summit. Her leadership qualities in this effort are indisputable.


She managed to coordinate a team that was widely spread in different parts of the globe, and produced an elegant, useful programme book with almost no budget. 


Anna's leadership style is largely responsible for her success. She manages a remarkable balance between enthusiasm and encouragement on one hand, and practical efficiency on the other. It's a winning combination that produces tangible results in an agreeable working environment. 


Director of Video Communication, The SAFE Steps™  

I always tuned in when Anna presented a part of the virtual back office for the B.A.N.K. training system, whether on a group call or in person. Her knowledge of B.A.N.K., how it integrated with the technology, and her ability to guide the trainers was exceptional. She helped me navigate the resources available to enhance and improve my own presentations.

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